A Guide to Cross-Channel Remarketing by AdMedia

4 min readMar 23, 2021

Cross-channel remarketing can be a highly effective way of capturing your customers’ attention. Through cross-channel remarketing, websites are able to recapture visitors and reinforce their message.

AdMedia from Los Angeles, California, provides an overview of cross-channel remarketing and explains how the method can help digital marketers can improve lower funnel conversion performance

Targeting Audiences with Remarketing

Driving conversions and leads can be challenging. Even though your traffic numbers may be satisfactory, it is possible that these visitors are not converting into sales. Using remarketing can help you reach targeted audiences and improve your lead generation, sales and on site actions. When prospects see these ads in various places online, they will have a higher chance of engaging with them.

Remarketing means targeting the visitors you have already reached out to on one or more occasions, but they haven’t converted into leads or sales. In addition to remarketing to those customers who have already seen your ad, there are other options for people you can target with this technique.


The easiest tool for remarketing is placing a cookie on the customer’s computer or phone. Cookies give you the ability to track your visitors across the internet and to track the number of times they have visited your site and where they looked while they were there.

Serving ads to customers who have already been to your website is a good way to help them keep you in mind when it comes to making a purchase. This is perhaps the most effective technique if your website already gets a fair amount of traffic from other types of marketing.

Identifying Similar Audiences

Facebook and Google have created easy ways to identify similar audiences. Using demographics, location, gender, and age, among other criteria, they can help you build a dataset of customers who are similar to your existing target audience. This can help your company branch out to entirely new markets and secure incremental reach and revenue

Search Engine Users

Remarketing technology can also help to serve ads to people who are searching on Google or another search engine. You can target people who are searching for your business specifically or those who are searching for similar keywords. Search retargeting allows you to attract users who have an intent to purchase, but have not for some reason already seen your ad.

Lists of Specific Customers

This is a great technique to use when you have a list of specific emails that you have gathered through giving away a digital coupon or signing them up for a newsletter. Retargeting in this way can help you reach your existing customers and also remind people who at one point engaged with your company that you are still available to help them get the products and services they want. While data privacy and government regulation impact this strategy, the use of non-PII signals are still relevant in targeting an engaged audience that is likely to convert.


Cell phones can be used to generate hyperlocal advertising. Geofencing enables you to target customers who are physically near your business. Coupons, sales, and special offers are great ways to grab people’s attention. This could be especially useful for a restaurant in a busy area near many competitors.

Targeting Your Audience

Having a balanced remarketing strategy will help you show your ads to potential customers as they visit mobile and desktop sites. However, there are more avenues for showing your ads to reach customers where they are spending their time.

Related Topics and Interest Areas

Showing ads on websites that are related to your own is a good way to retarget customers’ attention. Placing ads on sites that are related (whether or not they are competitors) can help you reach people who are interested in similar businesses.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps consume as much as one-third of a user’s time online. Getting advertising on the most popular apps for the demographic you want to reach is a great idea. For example, if you have a bed and breakfast, reaching customers from a certain geographic area on Instagram might be a good way to access new audiences.


One of the most important websites that you can target is Facebook. Facebook has a ready-made set of remarketing tools for you to use, enabling you to find your previous website visitors, custom audience lists, and lookalike audiences.

Improving Results of Remarketing

One of the best ways to improve the results of remarketing is to make sure your ads contain relevant calls to action. Without a call to action, your customer won’t be sure what they should do at the end of the ad and will probably click away. In addition, customers love special coupons and discounts. Giving customers a special discount code if they visit your ad is a fantastic way to capture their attention.

Understanding How Remarketing Works

When you properly use remarketing techniques, you will be able to keep your existing customers and find new ones. Find ways to make your ads relevant to your customers, and they will reward you with sales and loyalty. Don’t forget the power of geofencing and coupons to draw your visitors in.

AdMedia wants readers to take advantage of these critical tactics to improve their performance and scale. By using these digital remarketing techniques, you can broaden your audience while keeping your existing customers happy.

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