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Online advertising is one of the most profitable and competitive spaces for marketing. It is quite a difficult challenge to be able to create a high performing advertising campaign from scratch. However, there are specific steps and strategies you can take to increase your chances of success. One strategy is to understand ad placement and how it affects your results.

Los Angeles, California-based AdMedia has talked a lot about this reality, and it is why they are one of the most trusted sources in this industry. They understand the benefits of knowing how placements work. Targeting to the right ad placements is essential to increase your potential returns.

The Current Ad Space

Facebook and Google dominate the current industry. They take up more than 60% of all the revenue from advertising, which means you have to understand how to advertise on these platforms to do well. However, there is high competition and it can be difficult to win your target customer in a saturated market. If you already have a strong advertising presence, then you may have hit a plateau of profitability, and it will be helpful to know that these aren’t the only 2 places for ad placements. There are other niche sources like native advertising you can use to advertise your goods and services.

AdMedia says that you must understand placements and figure out where to put your advertising before starting with the project. You also need to know how to measure and optimize your performance. The digital transformation has significantly affected the advertising industry, and you need to be well-positioned to take advantage of the changes made.

The Preparation You Need Before Advertising

Before you can get to placements, AdMedia recommends that you do essential market research first. It would help if you had a good understanding of what your market requires and who they are. It will help you figure out what psychological triggers can be used to persuade your potential customers. You also need to understand great details about them, so you can know what to say to get them excited.

All of this happens before placement, and it is fundamental to every campaign. You cannot do placements if you don’t know where the target audience is spending most of their time. Understanding your audience will help you figure out where they are most likely to spend their time on the Internet. Once you have done this essential research, you can start the process of looking into placements.

Understanding Placements

The most important thing you need to understand about placements is timing, frequency, and ad quality. All of these things must come together to give you the best chance of success on these platforms. The basic reality is that most people will not see your ad the first time you place it.

It would be best if you did that multiple times to get as many people to see it as possible. For the people who do see it, you still need to repeat it consistently for them to take notice of what you are trying to sell. It is one of the many reasons why advertising is such an expensive field. It requires the combination of art and science to deliver outstanding results for marketers and product owners alike.

Going on Google and Facebook

One of the easy paths that many advertisers take is to advertise on Google and Facebook. They provide some of the best analytical insights possible, making it easier for advertisers to persuade potential customers. Facebook has a treasure trove of insights from its users, and it exploits this tremendously for the best results possible.

Facebook is also known to periodically manipulate its users to test certain marketing hypotheses. Google has a reach that is unlike any other internet company. They use this reach to understand the people using its Android operating system and search engine. It is one of the many reasons why you must get on these platforms at least once to see what is possible.

Creating a Smart Strategy

Once all of these things have been settled, it is now time for your ad placement strategy. It comes down to a strategy of optimizing your placement for price and ad performance. The better your placement is, the more people will see your advertising. However, it could potentially cost you more than you can afford while doing this. It is why it is so crucial for you to optimize consistently to get the best ROI possible. Not many advertisers do this, which is why this industry is littered with the remains of thousands of companies.

Wrap Up

The advertising industry is a cruel and brutal one. However, with clear understanding and insights, you can be successful. You have to understand your competition, market, and advertising strategy. When all of these things come together, you can get the results you are looking for.

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