AdMedia Explains Why Precise Messaging Is So Important and How You Can Achieve It

AdMedia Explains Why Precise Messaging Is So Important and How You Can Achieve It

How Does Targeted Advertising Work?

The company has a sophisticated system for targeting consumers with relevant, exciting ads. Its data-driven algorithms draw information from customer behavior, previous purchases, and browsing history to determine the proper placement of advertisements.

How Effective is Targeted Advertising?

A study published in the Journal of Consumer Research and cited in the Harvard Business Review found that targeted advertising increased consumers’ likelihood of buying an item. Up to a point, consumers like knowing that they are meeting discerning characteristics, and they will take away some effect on their self-image.

Advantages of Customer Targeting

Targeting ads to particular population segments allows advertisers to cut through the clutter of today’s crowded online landscape. Customers are constantly being fed advertising messages, and they have become adept at mentally blocking them out if they are not relevant or interesting.

Disadvantages of Customer Targeting

Advertisers need to watch out and ensure that their messages are not perceived as too “creepy” or intrusive. This can happen when an algorithm infers something about a customer’s life that they have not explicitly revealed online. A famous example is Target’s previous advertising process that revealed a teen’s pregnancy to her father through pregnancy and baby-related direct mail. The algorithm found that when customers purchased twenty specific items from Target, they were likely to be pregnant. The accuracy of this marketing information does not excuse its intrusiveness.

The Importance of Targeting Advertisements

When non-targeted ads are served online, they become part of the visual clutter that clogs most people’s online experience. On the other hand, a finely targeted ad with useful, relevant information can cut through the noise and ensure that the right consumers receive your company’s message.



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