AdMedia Explores Search Engine Advertising Options Beyond Google

AdMedia from Los Angeles, California, on Search Engines Beyond Google

Why Do Companies Want To Branch Out Beyond Google?

While Google has arguably the best database and searching capabilities among all modern search engines, there are reasons why many marketers are branching out and testing new traffic sources. This helps mitigate risk, reach an incremental audience, and see better ROI, especially on non-brand or competitor keywords. On top of that, Google is notorious for privacy issues across their suite of products, and many users prefer to keep their search information private.


Bing is no stranger to the paid search landscape as they control a 23 percent share of the total volume of online searches.


Verizon Media purchased Yahoo! and AOL in the past few years, while maintaining their focus as a “content engine”, positioning themselves not only as a viable search engine, but as a discovery site whose homepage has a dedicated following tied to customized content tied to user profiles.

Niche Search Engines

These search engines are targeted toward segments of the Internet audience. They can be useful if your client is trying to market to a highly specific demographic or interest group.


Swisscows is a family-friendly search engine. Parents can be assured that all of their results are appropriate for children. This site can be useful when targeting companies that sell children’s products, as well as products and services that could be useful to parents of small children.


AdMedia from Los Angeles, California, on Alternative Search Engines


Ekoru is a search engine meant for people who are environmentally conscious. The site uses only renewable energy in its data centers and does not store search or user-related data on its servers. The company donates 60 percent of its revenue to charities dealing with reforestation, climate action, conservation, and animal welfare, among other causes.

Search 2.0

Apart from the aforementioned major and niche search engines, there are many ad tech and media companies that operate in paid search outside of the primary engines. These companies utilize category endemic site search that extends beyond Google and Bing and their corresponding partner networks. Companies such as AdMedia have owned and operated properties that provide incremental paid search reach without cannibalizing digital marketing efforts on the major engines.



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