AdMedia Talks How Native Ads Can Help Match Platform and Audience

4 min readApr 26, 2021

Native advertising has expanded rapidly in recent years. It came about because advertisers wanted to target audiences that were searching certain content, such as travel companies trying to target people who were searching travel tips. Having advertisements that were separate from the content was not proving to be as effective as the line between content and marketing was clear. This clear distinction caused many would be customers to simply skip over the ad to the content of interest. Thus, native advertising was born and is proving to be a lot better for publishers and readers alike.

It allows advertisers improve the user experience by ensuring that their ads and products are relevant to the content their customers are already consuming. AdMedia, an advertising company based in Los Angeles, California, is a big believer in native advertising, and they have lots of tips on how you can use it to help match the audience to the platform.

AdMedia Discusses Native Advertising

What Is Native Advertising

Other forms of advertising on the Internet involve placing ads on the sides or tops of pages. Native advertising does away with a lot the distinction between content and advertising. It involves embedding the advertisements into the content itself.

You can also style the advertisement to make it look exactly like the content. This is a massive difference, and it has plenty of ramifications for users and publishers. The big thing is that it looks natural with the way the content is flowing. It also makes the page cleaner, which is something that most publishers and viewers enjoy.

Benefits of Using Native Advertising

One thing that AdMedia likes about native advertising is how easy it is to set up and execute. They also love how much better it is for everyone in the process. Native advertising gets a lot more click-through rates than traditional forms of online advertising. It also has a smaller performance impact on the webpage’s load time. Since load time is crucial in how pages are ranked on search engines, any optimization will put you ahead of your competition.

Companies are fighting for milliseconds of optimizations, and you can improve yours with native advertising. Another factor is that native advertising is a lot more challenging to spot. Most people reading a page cannot tell the difference between advertisements and content.

Optimizing for Devices

Native advertising also gives you the flexibility of advertising across multiple devices. It makes you more successful, as you can optimize your advertisements to fit the devices you are trying to reach. For example, the way content is displayed on mobile devices is a lot different than on desktops.

This also means you need to optimize native advertising to look a certain way on desktops and mobile devices. Doing things this way is going to help you improve revenues and conversion rates. However, many native advertising tools will be useful in helping to deal with the multitude of devices you will have to target when advertising.

Optimizing for Demographics

As with every type of advertising, you need to have a good idea of the people you are trying to reach. Native advertising is no different, and it will require careful research and consideration.

This means you will have to figure out who is consuming the content you are embedding your content into. A good marketing campaign involves matching your audience to a specific type of content. You can then advertise within that content to get the best results.

Advertising Based on Location

Another type of native advertising campaign involves targeting people based on their location. Location-based advertising is becoming more important as we move to a more smartphone-centric world. More people than ever have a smartphone, and they are using it to do everything in their lives. By focusing on advertising based on location, you can reach these people in a location where it matters the most.

Local businesses can use this feature to reach people nearby or in their area. It makes the advertising process more targeted, which will help companies reduce the amount of money they have to spend. It will also help these companies get better returns from their advertising endeavors.

Improving Your Results

AdMedia Explains How You Can Improve Your Results

Native advertising is just like any form of advertising; you have to spend a lot of time optimizing to get the best result possible. However, once you get the hang of it, it becomes automatic, and you can grow quickly and efficiently. This is a medium with potential, and it is the reason why many people are turning towards it.

Wrap Up

Native advertising creates a great match between your audience and the platform. By using this marketing tactic successfully, you are putting your advertisements ahead of the competition.




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